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Why Us

Our History

We are the third generation of an Ecuadorian family dedicated to cocoa. We seek to awaken and activate the senses, providing a natural, conscious and authentic experience for skincare, through the organic benefits of cocoa butter, our raw material; in each of our products and working in harmony with the environment as well.

Our Mission

Produce quality products for a consumer who is increasingly sensitized to the environment. To always provide a line of natural beauty for skincare, enhancing the organic benefits of our raw material, which is the best cocoa in the world. Periodically we seek to incorporate new products to ensure the leadership of our brand; positioning it as one of the online natural benchmarks for care and beauty.

Our Vision

Develop, implement and popularize natural products based on cocoa butter. To be recognized by consumers as an Ecuadorian flagship brand in beauty and skincare products by raising awareness of their benefits, the sustainability of their origin, and the processes that ensure the conservation of their natural properties.

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