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December 2021


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Natural and multifaceted, this amazing product that might have you thinking of delicious chocolate-ish types of treats, is more than its name can imply. Its benefits, uses and properties go beyond our everyday beauty routine with a more organic and complex health perks for it. So, before we dive in the world of cocoa butter and all its wonders, here’s a little background on it.

Cocoa Butter 101

This natural wonder or Theobroma Cacao as it is known, comes from the cacao bean, which is located in the cocoa pod, that grows on the cacao tree native to Central & South America. The cocoa pod (a large, gourd-fashioned fruit) holds inside thirty to forty cocoa seeds. So you might wonder, where’s the butter? Well, after those seeds are dried, roasted, and pressed, the vegetable fat is extracted from the beans; and that is what is known as the famous “butter”. Solid at room temperature, cocoa butter has a low melting factor and an outstanding lengthy shelf existence of round to 5 years.

Skin Goodies!

Now that you know a little more about the “mighty butter”, here are some of the MOST relevant and fantastic benefits of it on your skin. Shall we? Antioxidants at its finest: This particularity of cocoa butter fights off free-radical harm, which can accelerate pores and skin aging, darkish patches, and big dull pores and skin. Protecting your skin from free-radical harm is critical to preserve it wholesome and youthful-looking. This is why cocoa butter is likewise, an anti-inflammatory that enables your pores and skin to resist the inevitable passage of time.

Marks & scars kung-fu fighter: The regular use of cocoa butter keeps stretch marks away and it also helps with the healing process when they appear. For example in many cases, during and after pregnancy and overall its reputation is also attributed to healing accidents or medical procedures scars. Kickass moisturizing capability! As a high-quality moisturizer due to its rife with fatty acids, cocoa butter hydrates the skin deeply to the core. Some of its more technical components are oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, all of them superheroes that nourish the skin.

Soft and smooth: If you have ever suffered from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, you probably know how wanted the relief is for these conditions. Some studies affirm that cocoa butter’s anti-inflammatory properties can not only help alleviate the itching & burning symptoms associated with skin irritations & rashes, but might also help with what triggers the body’s reaction in the first place.

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